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Market analysis

Why a Market Analysis?

Three basic steps to define the business strategy are the identification of the context in which companies operate, the ability to understand the available potential and the identification of the possibilities of action.

Through market researches, structured by a systematic data collection and by their interpretation and analysis, we obtain a complete picture of the context in which the company operates.

What types of Analysis exist?


They are designed in such a way as to give statistical representation of an entire population (or market segment), on a sample basis.


Its purpose is the acquisition of market information in all its dimensions, through the use of methods such as interviews, focus groups and surveys.


The descriptive research aims to define the structure of a competitive market / segment or the description of the behavior of organizations / groups of consumers


The research aims to establish causal connections between cause and effect of several variables, their nature and characteristics such as direction and intensity


Exploratory research aims to clarify the nature of a problem, to gain greater understanding of a situation, to provide directions for future investigations

How can Premis help you?

Interviews, Surveys, Focus Groups

Internal data elaboration, Web data collection, Institutions, associations, Chambers of Commerce data collection

… providing you the results you are looking for.

Charts and Graphs, S.W.O.T. Analysis, Surveys

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