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Why do the analysis of Customer Satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction is the satisfaction of a user / customer resulting by the use of goods or the use of a service, which is defined by collecting and analyzing the opinions of the people involved.

The analysis of the degree of customer satisfaction allows to get a usable result for a general improvement of the company, according to: products, pricing, distribution, communication, and packaging.

Process and Tools

  • Quality of service to analyze
  • Choice of detection’s methods
  • Objectives
  • Definition of the sample
  • Survey

  • Interviews
  • Organization and comparison of the information collected
  • Presentation of results
  • Improvement proposal
  • Actions’ priorities

Gap Analysis

It uses the two most important dimensions of customer satisfaction, satisfaction and importance (or relevance) given by the customer to any main feature of the product / service.
The satisfaction perceived by customers and the importance they confer to the elements of the survey are evaluated in the Gap Analysis.

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The positioning of all elements analyzed in the gaps’ matrix sets the most appropriate strategies for the improvement and business innovation.

How can Premis help you?

Definition of the sample and drafting of forms and surveys. Premis identifies how the company is perceived by its customers and how they would like it to evolve.

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